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Feel like I am one of the few lucky local Georgians, Born and raised in Gwinnett county, I still miss those famous water towers that we used to have, "Gwinnett is Great" and "Success lives here". With that said, I have always wanted to start a local business that helped support the local economy that I grew up in!

Excited to have the family on this Union Brothers journey with me. One of my favorite parts of being a GirlDad is teaching them about grilling and especially their steak. They take their steak seriously too! So I cant wait for them to help us with our steak selection. Also, don't let their smiles fool you, they know their steak (medium rare only for them or you may accidentally wipe their pretty smiles off of their faces)!


Food was never my passion. But during the pandemic, that changed drastically. I learned to love the art of preparing a great meal. The sound of a sizzling steak, the smell of the smoker in the back yard, the first cut to see if you got it right - it was all a new world for me to learn and explore.

But the truth is the fun wasn’t just in making good food. I saw how a great meal was really an excuse for great memories, conversations, and community. Whether it was with my wife and four kids at home or getting to know new neighbors, nothing forces us to slow down and make real, meaningful connections like preparing and dining together.

That’s why I’m so excited about Union Brothers! We hope to impact our Peachtree Corners community by bringing people back into connection around the dinner table. Our aim is to provide everything you need for a delicious meal with friends and families. Because the dinner table isn’t just where we share meals - it’s where we share our lives. So let’s make it excellent. That’s why everything you see at Union Brothers is something you will want to share with others and make your home a place that brings people together.

Family portrait

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